Our Focus

Latinx Leadership

Fostering a New Generation of Southern Latinx Leaders.

We help students grow and thrive as civic leaders, all while embracing their cultural identity and immigrant roots. Ultimately, LatinxEd provides Latinx students with “the village” necessary to develop a strong sense of self, community, and culture to be successful in their education endeavors and become the next generation of leaders in their community.

Latinx Readiness

Expanding College Opportunity for Immigrant Families

We believe “Latinx readiness” is more than having a good SAT score and insight into the college application process. For us, Latinx readiness is about being rooted in who you are and being able to turn your dreams into action. LatinxEd provides the bilingual and bicultural support often missing in schools to ensure students are ready to succeed in college and beyond.

Latinx Awareness

Advancing Community Education and Advocacy to Strengthen Our Schools, Communities

LatinxEd strives to increase visibility, support, and resources for Latinx and immigrant students across North Carolina. This work includes creating and providing resources for educators and counselors, conducting training for faculty and staff in schools and colleges, and lifting up the stories of Latinx students fighting to achieve their dreams every day.

Latinx Voice

Centering the lived experiences of Latinx youth 

LatinxEd believes that Latinx student experiences must be at the center of our work. As we seek to change the narrative for our community, we recognize that our youth must lead the way. Through our communications efforts, we seek to honor their stories while defining what it means to be Latinx in the US South.

I could really see the impact of having identity and ethnic based studies. I left feeling even more confident in myself and my identity.

Estefane Santiago-Lopez