#SomosNC Statewide Listening Tour

Want to be part of a movement advancing education equity? Join LatinxEd’s Statewide Listening Tour – #SomosNC! During this year-long initiative, we’ll be traveling your way to sit down with you and other community members to learn more about nuestra comunidad, as well as the dreams y’all have for our Latinx families.

At LatinxEd, we believe that those closest to the problem are closest to the solution. However, many of the unique barriers to opportunity facing Latinx families in North Carolina go largely undiscussed at decision-making tables when planning local and state investments and policy-making. There are persistent gaps in the process that prevent these strategic planning processes from being truly representative of the changing face of this state – specifically, a lack of representation of Latinx educators, non-profit, and community leaders.

With support from the John M. Belk Endowment, LatinxEd looks to:

  1. Identify barriers and opportunities to high quality education for every Latinx student in North Carolina,
  2. Learn about promising programs and practices from educators and leaders who support Latinx families, and
  3. Engage with and build connections among local organizations, educators, and families to promote collaboration and advocate for education equity.

For each stop, there will be:


  1. Roundtables for school and community leaders, caregivers & students
  2. Interviews with district & college representatives
  3. Partnerships with Latinx organizations
  4. In-person visits following CDC guidance


October 2021: stop #1 – North Central region
December 2021: stop #2 – Piedmont Triad region
March 2022: stop #3 – Northwest region
April 2022: stop #4 – Western region
May 2022: stop #5 – Southwest region
June 2022: stop #6 – South Central region
July 2022: stop #7 – Southeast region
August 2022: stop #8 – Northeast region

You are critical to this conversation!

Share your experiences and connect us with other Latinx people or Latinx-serving colleagues to amplify the stories of Latinx families, improve educational services and expand opportunity in North Carolina.

Currently, we are organizing in-person roundtables with organizations across North Carolina! You can sign up on behalf of your organization or yourself in the following links to participate in our roundtables. Share with others in your community who you think would be interested!

If you have any questions about the #SomosNC Statewide Listening Tour, please sign up for a brief one-on-one conversation with me to learn more about the #SomosNC Listening Tour or contact me at zamantha@latinxed.org

Zamantha Granados

Community Organizer, LatinxEd

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“I don’t think the answers are difficult to find or out of reach. The people who have been doing this labor, caring for and supporting our Latinx community, have been worrying about their children for generations. They have been telling us the answers, we just have to listen.”

Augusto Peña