LatinxEd Fellowship

The application cycle for the 2023 LatinxEd Fellowship has now ended

The LatinxEd Fellowship is a statewide network providing leadership development to Latinx leaders seeking to advance education equity and opportunity in North Carolina


Reimagine and transform the learning experiences for Latinx students and families. 


Build power to activate communities and enact change through storytelling.


Strive to unapologetically own our identity, brilliance, and expertise. 

At LatinxEd, we believe that those closest to the problem are closest to the solution. However, many of the unique barriers to opportunity facing Latinx families in North Carolina go largely undiscussed at decision-making tables when planning local and state investments and policy-making. There are persistent gaps in the process that prevent these strategic planning processes from being truly representative of the changing face of this state – specifically, a lack of representation of Latinx educators, non-profit, and community leaders. These leaders have first-hand knowledge of the educational challenges and opportunities facing this growing community.

LatinxEd seeks to build a trusted network of Latinx education leaders with a shared vision and desire to work together to create a more inclusive and equitable education system in North Carolina. To facilitate these leaders’ continued professional development and lift up their voices to a statewide platform, LatinxEd launched the LatinxEd Fellowship. The 2023 cohort will include fellows who are ready to take the next step in their leadership journey and join LatinxEd in advocating on behalf of the Latinx community.

To foster Latinx education leadership to impact educational movements at the local and state level and advance a more inclusive vision for education mobility and equity in NC.

The LatinxEd Fellowship serves as a powerful learning community for Latinx leaders who are eager to strengthen their voice and vision to lead positive, transformational change. Committed to a shared value of education, Fellows deepen their knowledge about North Carolina’s education system and history to ensure access to critical resources for all communities.

To join this network, Fellows undergo a new membership process to develop the relationships, knowledge, and skills necessary to participate in education advocacy and advance educational equity and opportunity for Latinx immigrant families. After joining this network, Fellows receive ongoing support related to leadership development and storytelling skills, alongside access to key educational leaders and mentors in North Carolina.

Long-Term Outcomes: Fellows will…
+ Become active members in LatinxEd’s network
+ Take on formal roles in educational leadership
+ Engage in or lead educational movements at local and state levels

By joining this network, Fellows will gain:

+ A statewide community of support that collectively advocates for education and the Latinx community

+ Coaching to expand self-trust, care, and accountability in their leadership journey

+ Storytelling training designed to unite communities and spark positive change

+ A deeper understanding of the current and historical landscape of Latinx education in North Carolina

As new members, Fellows are required to:

+ Fully participate during an in-person new member onboarding retreat
+ Complete three virtual workshops designed to support Fellows in developing leadership, storytelling, and advocacy skills
+ Participate in at least one public-facing speaking engagement (ex. panel, forum, or social media live)
+ Contribute to storytelling efforts to amplify inclusive visions for advancing Latinx student success
+ Attend the 2023 LatinxEd Summit and New Member Ceremony
+ Attend virtual monthly meetups to maintain connection and collaboration

We’re looking for people who care about Latinx education and are willing to use their voices and power to make a positive difference together. We believe that you can be an education leader regardless of your age or the career you are pursuing.

To participate, Fellows must be:

+ Latino/a/x/e or Hispanic (cultural roots connected to Latin America)*
+ Reside in North Carolina*
+ Committed to LatinxEd’s mission, vision, and values
+ Actively working to serve and advance the Latinx community and education in North Carolina
+ Available to participate in all required Fellowship new membership activities

*U.S. citizenship or speaking Spanish is not required

Tentative Timeline:
March 20th: Applications open
April 9th: Priority deadline
April 23rd: Final application deadline
May 19th: Fellows selected and notified
June – July: New member onboarding retreats (note: new members must attend only one)

+ June 27th – June 30th: For candidates ages 20 or younger | Location: Cary, NC
+ July 11th – July 14th: For candidates ages 20 or older | Location: Greenville, NC
+ July 18th – July 21st: For candidates ages 20 or younger | Location: Cary, NC
+ July 25th – July 28th: For candidates ages 20 or older | Location: Boone, NC

August – October: Virtual masterclasses & monthly meet ups
September 14th-16th: 2023 Latinx Education Summit (in-person attendance)
November 4th: New Member Ceremony (in-person attendance)

Please note: Any in-person events or interactions will follow CDC COVID-19 safety protocols. For candidates under the age of 20, transportation will be offered via pick up sites in Durham, Mebane, Sanford, and Raleigh. 


of fellows have a supportive community and network of trust with other Latinx leaders in education. 


of fellows can confidently articulate their vision for education equity in their community.


of fellows understand how to create a culture that empowers others to own their identity, brilliance, and expertise.


Is there an age requirement to apply?

Do I need to speak Spanish to apply?

Must I be a U.S. citizen to apply?
Not at all!

If you have any questions about our Fellowship, please contact us at

Mirella Cisneros Perez

Fellowship Manager, LatinxEd

Fellows: Class of 2022

Andrea Freile

> Ecuador

Andrea Garrido Lecca

> Peru

Angel Garcia

> Nicaragua

Carmen Serrata

> México

Emily Francis

> Guatemala

Erika Nassar

> Honduras of Palestinian Descent

Erika Reynoso

> El Salvador

Gricelda de la Cruz

> México

Isaí Robledo

> México

Jatnna Acosta

> Dominican Republic

Marjorie Campo Ringler

> Colombia

Mauricio Restrepo

> Colombia

Monica Thomas

> Panama

Veronica Tapia

> México

Wendolyn Fernandez

> Dominican Republic

Fellows: Class of 2021

Amanda Huber Lopera

> Colombia

Barbie Garayúa-Tudryn

> Puerto Rico

Byron Tenesaca Guaman

> Ecuador

Christian Walter

> Argentina

Elmer Orellana

> El Salvador

Flor Herrera-Picasso

> México

Jose Perez

> México

Juana Hernández-Lira

> México

María Hofman Hernández

> El Salvador

Marisa Gonzalez

> México

Meytal Barak

> Venezuela, Nicaragua

Selina Lopez

> México

Victoria Crouse

> México

Yolanda Adams

> Colombia

Yuliana Rodriguez

> México