Somos Carolina

Our flagship initiative, Somos Carolina, selects Somos Scholars to participate in a 5-year program that spans middle and high school to foster the self-efficacy and support network necessary to flourish as scholars and civic leaders in their communities and future college campuses. Somos Carolina serves students in middle school & high school. Ultimately, we strive to ensure our community feels a sense of belonging in North Carolina. Somos de aquí y somos de álla. #SomosCarolina

If you are a rising 8th grader, apply for our Somos Carolina Summer!

Somos Carolina Middle School starts with Somos Summer, a 3-week summer opportunity for rising 8th graders. 50 middle school students are selected each year to participate in workshops to establish the fundamental skills, mindsets, and community necessary to affirm their cultural identities, develop leadership skills, and ultimately, be successful in their future endeavors.

Somos Carolina

Middle School

During Somos Carolina, students…

Develop appreciation for their cultural identity as a Latino/a/x student in North Carolina;

Identify their key strengths and strategize how to best use them to lead their own destiny;

Critically examine their roles as scholars within our schools and local communities.

Who are we looking for?

Somos Scholars must demonstrate the following criteria:

Income & Residency

Scholars must reside in Lee County, NC and demonstrate financial need.

Leadership & Character

Scholars must be willing to positively collaborate with their peers. Scholars aim to display persistence in their classroom and community.

Desire & Passion

Scholars must be motivated to pursue their future aspirations and learn about themselves, others, and the world around them.

Immigrant & Ethnic Identity

Scholars should be first- or second-generation immigrants (an immigrant or child of immigrant parents) and identify as Latino/a/x or Hispanic.

First Generation

Scholars must be the first member in their family to attend a college or university and complete a formal curriculum for a degree in the United States.

Support System

Scholars must have a support system who will attend parent/guardian meetings, provide or arrange transportation as needed, and support the student’s academic development.

Think you’d be a good fit?

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Somos Carolina

High School

Are you in high school?

Interested in building a community of like-minded students ready to embrace their culture and think about their future college opportunities?

Somos Carolina High School Chapters focus on the three pillars of our leadership initiative: Latinidad, Learning, and Leadership.

Interested in starting a Somos Carolina Chapter at your high school?


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This focus allows students to engage within a community that:

affirms their cultural identity and immigrant roots

cultivates a positive relationship with learning

prepares them for next steps after high school as leaders in their communities and college campuses.

Are you a young professional interested in working with Latinx youth?

We’re on the hunt for talented and motivated people who are interested in working with Latinx middle school students. During our Somos Carolina summer program, you would be working alongside a co-instructor to facilitate a positive learning environment for a small group of 12 students.

Somos Carolina


Somos Carolina made me appreciate my personal experience and the collective experience of Latinx students in education.

Gladys Alvarez