Somos Carolina

Our flagship initiative, Somos Carolina, creates inclusive learning experiences for Southern Latinx students to grow as scholars and leaders by encouraging them to embrace their cultural identity, become innovative problem-solvers, and thrive as critically-conscious civic leaders in their communities.

Our Programs

Interested in building a community of like-minded students ready to embrace their culture and think about their futures? Somos Carolina has two options that might be good fits for you. Our programming options help you…

Learn about Latinx history and cultura,

Identify your core values and strengths, and

Unlock your storytelling skills!

Because culture heals.


Know history. Know self. 

Students examine Latinx identity, culture, and history to deepen their understanding of self, community, and the world.


Protect your potential.

Students practice self-awareness and critical reflection to explore their values, mindsets, and choices.


Cultivate thriving communities.

Students reflect on their journey and practice storytelling as a means of collective healing and transformation.

Semillas Summer Camp

Our Semillas Summer Camp provides education, 1:1 coaching, and support networks for Latinx high school students who are interested in fostering their identity, developing their leadership, and thinking about their future. During Semillas 2022, transportation and meals will be provided free of charge from July 11-30 in Cary, NC.

High School Clubs

Somos Carolina Clubs are student-led groups dedicated to uplifting Latinx leadership to cultivate thriving schools and communities. We currently have clubs in Orange & Lee County at the following high schools: Cedar Ridge High School, Orange High School, Lee Early College, Lee County High School, and Southern Lee High School.

Somos Carolina


We are looking for students who identify as…

+ Rising 9th-12th graders
+ Latino/a/x or Hispanic
+ First- or second-generation immigrants
+ Future first-generation college students* 

*Have parents who did not attend college or whose college degrees are from outside the U.S.

If you are…


+ Curious – Willing to learn and get out of your comfort zone
+ Dedicated – Interested in creating change in your community
+ Eager – Desiring growth and personal development
+ Friendly – Seeking a community of fellow Latinx students

… then you’re our kind of people!

Eligible Schools


Students from the following schools are eligible for Semillas 2022:

+ Cedar Ridge High School
+ Lee County High School
+ Lee Early College
+ Orange High School
+ Southern Lee High School

Are you an educator interested in working with Latinx youth?

We’re on the hunt for talented and motivated people who are interested in working with rising Latinx 9th-12th graders during the 2022 Semillas Summer Camp in Cary, NC from July 11-30. Coaches will facilitate group and 1:1 sessions about culture, identity, and storytelling with Somos Scholars, and foster a positive learning environment to build an inclusive culture of support, accountability, and innovation.

Somos Carolina made me appreciate my personal experience and the collective experience of Latinx students in education.

Gladys Alvarez