School: Lee Early College High School

Hometown: Sanford, NC

Roots: Mexico

Suzy Brito Lagunas

Suzy Brito is a proud Mexican-American daughter of Felipe Brito and Nereida Lagunas - her loving #1 fans. As a high school student and soon-to-be first generation college student, Suzy believes it is important to examine and tackle one of the roots of our education system - institutional racism - and contradict messages that we aren’t good enough or can’t progress as a community. She wants Latinx students to know that it is possible to go to college, flourish in our society, and feel represented. In her own future, Suzy has many hopes and aspirations - namely to become a Public Relations manager. As a PR manager, she would ensure that the Latinx community’s needs are being taken into consideration by pushing for diversity and representation to create inclusive environments for Latinx communities and beyond. Suzy aims to major in business administration in college and is thankful for many great wonders in her life - specifically God, her family, and friends.