School: Central Carolina Community College

Hometown: Sanford, NC

Roots: Mexico

Susana Villanueva-Gonzalez

Susana Villanueva-Gonzalez, known by family and friends as Susy, was born in Rockingham, NC, but was raised in Sanford, NC with Mexican roots. She is 18 and cares about all the people who are in need of love, food, and shelter especially her Latino community. It is hard for Susy to hear people talk poorly about Latinos because she knows that not all Latinos are bad. She believes we are all different and bring different things to the table, good things. To her, Latinos bring diversity to a country where we all are in hope of freedom and a better life. Her purpose is to study International Business to be able to one day open her own business and not just locally, but outside of the country. Ever since she was able to understand what immigration was and how immigrants were being treated, Susy decided she wanted to study the area of Business because she would like to make her own non-profit organization, not just in Mexico but other Latino countries so they don't leave their country risking their life for a better future. Susy is in her first year at Central Carolina Community College.