School: North Carolina State University

Hometown: Efland, NC

Roots: Mexico

Sebastian Rios

Sebastian Rios is 18 years old and his most important values are God, Happiness, Family, and Success. Hailing from Efland, NC with Mexican heritage, he has valued his education all of his life and it has been his entire life for these last 2 years. He is the product of an immigrant father who worked hard for everything he has given Sebastian and their family, and a mother who had to drop out of high school at 17 to raise his big brother but is now in college 20 years later earning her nursing degree. He cares about all the good in the word and making the world a better place. Sebastian constantly finds myself turning to God for advice because he knows that He knows what is best. Sebastian knows that he is nowhere close to being a perfect person, but he is constantly looking for ways to be a better person and make people happy. In January, he will be enrolling at North Carolina State University to find his passion and make the world a better place.