School: South Mecklenburg High School

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Roots: Ecuador

Community Leadership: Volunteer with Crisis Assistance Ministries, Second Harvest Food Bank, Lets Read Juntos, and Brazos Extendidos

Samantha Torres Rosado

My name is Samantha Torres, but some call me Sammy. I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC but I am a proud first generation American-Latina via Ecuador. I am passionate about immigration reform, giving back to your community, and POC (WOC) representation in the STEM field. As a child I had many health issues, some fatal, but they led me to want to pursue becoming the first doctor in my family. I was born with Cleft Palate and being able to have great pediatricians inspired me and gave me strength to survive many surgeries. I want to be able to offer that support to others in the future. I plan on attending a top tier University after High School and hope to do Medical School right after. I would love to do medical fellowships to developing countries before my education is over. As an underdog all of my life, I like to set my own expectations and not let anyone else or their beliefs bring me down when it comes to goals and dreams.