Pronouns: He/Él

Roots: México

Job Title: Senior Software Engineer at Empower Innovations Group

Oscar Romero

Senior Software Engineer at Empower Innovations Group

Oscar (ohs-kahr he/el) is a first-generation immigrant from Mexico City raised in Newton Grove, NC. Oscar is a first-generation college graduate of UNC Charlotte where he majored in Math and minored in Computer Engineering. Oscar received the Golden Door Scholars scholarship in 2013 which made it possible for him to attend college.He has been working in the tech industry since graduating in 2017 and is currently a Senior Software Engineer. As an undocumented individual with DACA, Oscar has a passion for sharing his narrative to grow awareness in the community about the challenges and successes undocumented individuals experience. He created the My Undocu Life website as a platform to uplift undocumented narratives. His motto is to “pay it forward” and actively volunteers with Road to Hire, Democracy at Work Institute, Code the Dream and several other organizations in the social equity and immigrant rights space. In his free time he likes to hike, mountain bike, and connect with individuals around the U.S. to learn about their projects and experiences.