School: Forsyth Technical Community College

Hometown: Kernersville, NC

Roots: Venezuela, Colombia

Oriana Barrios

Oriana Barrios was born in Tachira, Venezuela, and lives in Kernersville with her mom, Solangel, her dad, Isrrael, and her two dogs, Rubi and Coque. She is of Colombian and Venezuelan heritage, 18 years old, and is now in her first year at Forsyth Technical Community College. Her love for animals and exploring nature began from her childhood. Her dad taught her how to play chess when she was a little girl, since then it has been something she loves doing in her free time, along with doing puzzles. Lead by her strong faith and love for her family and friendships, Oriana knows she can accomplish her goals with them by her side. She has a belief in social justice because she wants all people to be treated respectfully. Oriana is pursuing her education so she can advance her career to better help her community.