School: Surry Early College High School

Hometown: Dobson, NC

Roots: Mexico

Nancy García Villa

Nancy García Villa is 16 years old, from Dobson, North Carolina, and also calls Michoacán, Mexico home. She is a proud advocate for immigrant rights, furthering education for undocumented students, climate change reform, and abolishing institutional racism. To dismantle these conflicts at their core, Nancy believes that we need to start from the foundation of this country. She thinks we need to recognize that we built this country on laws that favored one group. If we can work together to change the structure of our government, Nancy believes we can facilitate the process of fixing other problems. She recognizes that she is extremely privileged, but plans to use her privileges to her advantage. If she has the resources to help others, then she will be there. These morals have influenced her to be an immigration lawyer after she finishes school. She would like to major in English or Public Policy and minor in Minority Studies or Spanish. Her community has supported her, and she would like to show her gratitude. She attributes her success to her family and wants to work to give them a better life and help her community to grow as well.