School: Elon University

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Roots: Colombia

Lucia Lozano Robledo

Lucia Lozano Robledo prides herself in being a learner, listener, compassionate friend, and storyteller (most recently through her new podcast). She is from Bogotá, Colombia and has lived in the United States for seven years now. Considering the political climate in the U.S., Lucia is most passionate about equity specifically in the areas of education and immigrant rights. Due to her experiences as a young immigrant and becoming a part of a larger diverse and beautiful community, she wants to devote her life to ensuring that the Latinx immigrant community is respected and has everything it needs to thrive. While unsure of exactly where she’s headed after graduating from Elon University, she is considering pursuing graduate school perhaps for her Master’s in higher education, working at a nonprofit supporting underserved students in the public school system, or heading to law school for immigration policy or human rights law.