Pronouns: She/Ella

Roots: México

Job Title: Board Member

Focus Areas: Founder, Soy Emprendedor

Karla Mounts

Board Member

Karla grew up in Mexico and currently lives in the United States. She has shown a strong commitment to the Hispanic community in both countries. Her unique skills and talents, love for young people, and entrepreneurial spirit led her to start "Proyecto Piranha" as the first chapter of her bigger initiative, Soy Emprendedor (I am an Entrepreneur.) A non-profit to inspire students focusing on Latin and Hispanic minorities to discover their creative, curious, and entrepreneurial mindset. Her entrepreneurial and small business spirit became evident at a young age. As a teenager, she created and ran her first summer camp for kids and also developed a clothing line brand and sold it with her family and friends. Karla also has nearly 15 years of experience in communications, PR, and Marketing. She has now stepped out on her own as a freelancer - taking her top-performing design skills, passion for branding, and visual art that engages audiences to help startups, profits, and nonprofits access the creative services they need to build their brands. An active member of the community, Karla contributes in various ways and serves in The Entrepreneurial Advisory Board, the Hispanic League, and Breathing Access.