Pronouns: He/Him/Ours

Hometown: Sanford, Florida

Roots: Venezuela, Puerto Rico

Job Title: Somos Carolina Semillas Support Coach

Focus Areas: Immigration law, Criminal justice law

Jandrick Castro

Somos Carolina Semillas Support Coach

Jandrick is rising senior at the University of Chicago studying Economics and Public Policy, with law school expectations. He is from Sanford, Florida, the middle child of Venezuelan and Puerto Rican immigrant parents, with Indigenous and Palestinian roots. Jandrick life's work has been and will continue to be dedicated to the eradication of Poverty and Systemic Racism and is very active politically. He Loves to play and watch basketball and listens to Reggaeton. Jandrick was a former intern at the Seminole County Criminal Courthouse, as well as a project intern at the Illinois Justice Project. He is looking to study either Immigration Law or Criminal Justice Law in graduate school as both are his passions.