Pronouns: he/him/his/él

Hometown: High Point, NC

Roots: México and United States

Job Title: 20 Under 20 Program Assistant

Focus Areas: Programming, Media Production, Digital Marketing

Community Leadership: Mi Pueblo- Co-director of Communications, MBSA- Head of Marketing

Ian Hammett

20 Under 20 Program Assistant

Ian Hammett (he/él) is a Mexican-American Senior studying Communications with a concentration in Media Production and pursuing a minor in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at UNC-Chapel Hill. Within UNC, Ian servers as Co-Director of Communications for Mi Pueblo and as the Head of Marketing for the Minority Business Student Association. Being a transfer student, and having attended two previous institutions before UNC gave him a greater appreciation for community. Knowing about the disparities among cultures and ethnic groups have continuously inspired Ian to serve his community whether it be through a student organization or a non-profit. His support for the community led him to work under organizations like The Center for New North Carolinians and Mobile Meals. Ian thoroughly enjoys the creative process and believes that collaboration and communication are essential in successfully developing and executing innovative ideas. After school he hopes to peruse some personal startups while producing media and content for new aspiring community-based organizations.