School: Orange High School

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Hometown: Hillsborough, NC

Roots: México

Community Leadership: Volunteer with school’s National Spanish Honors Society club; Tutor in Math and English

Estrella Rocha-De La Cruz

Estrella Rocha-De La Cruz is 17 years old and is from Hillsborough, NC with roots in Tamaulipas, Mexico. She is an hermana menor and will be a first-generation college student. She plans on attending a four-year university next year and majoring in public health. She aspires to earn a master's degree, allowing her to become a physician's assistant and someday receive a Ph.D. She wants to help underrepresented communities obtain the healthcare they deserve, regardless of their economic or racial status. Her family has given her more than enough strength and support, allowing her to dream big, but she believes that more Latinx students deserve this type of unconditional support. She also believes that dreaming big is essential and motivates us to achieve the unimaginable. She wants to share her story with other Latinx students and guide them through the obstacles she has already encountered. She also wants to help open the eyes of adults and help them realize that Latinx students need more people by their side to help guide them in order to achieve their dreams.