School: Cedar Ridge High School

Pronouns: She/her/her, They/their/theirs

Hometown: Durham, NC

Roots: México

Community Leadership: Volunteer with ISLA and Every Child NC; President of school's Key Club

Emily Escobedo Ramirez

Emily Escobedo Ramirez, born in Orange County and roots in San Pedro Yeloixtlahuaca, has valued her education from the start. After facing multiple occasions where she had to advocate for her own education, they realized that the educational system needed change; not just for them, but every minority student who dreams of achieving a valuable education. Inspired by her family’s tenacity and courage in hardships, her efforts have been dedicated to reforming the educational system that has been cultivated to limit minorities. Emily believes that by utilizing their voice to call out systemic issues and barriers, change can happen- it just takes a spark to set a difference. In her own words, “I believe that students should have a voice in everything they do, and I encourage them to speak up no matter what: no student must be left behind.” While recognizing her privilege, she frequently gives back to her community through service and volunteering, whether by helping local organizations or classmates. Emily plans on pursuing a career in the humanities area and continuing her advocacy for the Latinx community.