Pronouns: she/her/ella

Roots: Argentina

Job Title: Student at Grimsley High School

High Point, NC

Avril Walter

Student at Grimsley High School

Avril Walter is an upcoming senior in Grimsley High School who has participated in various projects in her school and in the community. She gets straight A's and has a 4.47 GPA. She is involved in sports such as XC and Track, and does Theatre and plays the violin. She has a passion for film, and would like to pursue perhaps a media study in the future. She is bilingual as her parents are from Argentina and she loves Mate and futbol as well. She is also a student ambassador for Grimsley High School, and has volunteered in clubs such as the recycling club at her school or by packing food in the Out of Garden project. She advocates for kids with disabilities and the hispanic/latinx community by creating a more inclusive community in her school. She wanted to join this fellowship to enhance her leadership skills and continue to advocate for various minorities in her area.