Pronouns: he/him/él

Hometown: Durham, NC

Roots: Honduras

Job Title: Community Engagement Coordinator

Focus Areas: Access to education, mental health, Storytelling

Community Leadership: Community Organizer, Mental Health Advocate

Bryan Mejia

Community Engagement Coordinator

Bryan Mejia serves as the Youth Programs Coordinator at LatinxEd. He graduated UNC Chapel Hill in 2021 with a degree in Psychology and Creative Nonfiction Writing. After graduating, he became a Tech and Media Fellow for Poder NC Action in order to connect trauma-informed design principles to digital content for civic campaigns. He also dedicates himself to advocating for student mental health resources and experiences alongside Pupusas 4 Education. You might remember him as one of the voices from Nuestro South, where he is also currently coaching the next generation of hosts. Many of these experiences stem from his love of storytelling in its many forms and the responsibility to share them. His dreams and pursuit of higher education were only made possible by the trust, support and stories from his family and community. Now he is working to empower students from similar backgrounds to seek enrichment and strive for all the opportunities historically held back from them so they can continue to dream and create their own journeys. He is excited to be joining a team centering the strength of our community as a pathway to success.