The Community Engagement Award application process is now closed.

Are you interested in improving the educational experience of students in Alamance County? #AlamanceForward (#AlamanceAdelante) Listening Tour is a community project to identify barriers to opportunity and build a blueprint for educational equity in Alamance County.

Currently, we are building our own website!  Please stay tuned as we create our own platform for #AlamanceForward and share all the exciting news we have in store for Alamance County. We are gathering community leaders and local organizations in Alamance County with a desire to create a more inclusive and equitable education system in the county!

At LatinxEd, we believe that those closest to the problem are closest to the solution. However, many of the unique barriers to opportunity facing families from marginalized communities in Alamance County go largely undiscussed at decision-making tables when planning local and state investments and policy-making. There are persistent gaps in the process that prevent these strategic planning processes from being truly representative of the changing face of this counties- specifically, a lack of representation of educators, non-profit, and community leaders of color and/or from low-income backgrounds.

With support from the Walton Family Foundation, LatinxEd looks to:

  1.  Identify barriers to high quality education for underrepresented students in
    Alamance County,
    2. Learn from local programs, educators, and leaders addressing the educational
    needs of the community, and
    3. Build a community blueprint that uplifts the experiences of students and families to
    reform the education system to be more equitable.

Community Engagement Award recipients will:

+ Participate in outreach efforts to recruit participants
+ Attend training workshops and prep meetings with LatinxEd
+ Provide facilitation support for roundtable discussion
+ Individual awardees will facilitate their event’s roundtable
   – Organization awardees will provide 1 facilitator per 10 attendees
   – Organize an event that adheres to CDC Guidelines to host roundtable discussions
+ Participate in promotional efforts (e.g. flyers, social media, and community outreach)
+ Complete their event by June 30th, 2022

 Our Ideal Community Engagement Partner must…

+ Resides or works in Alamance County
+ Community leader OR;
+ Community-based organization serving underserved populations (e.g. 501c3 non-profit, faith-based organization, school, grassroots initiative, etc.) 

You may apply for the Community Engagement Award as an individual or on behalf of an organization. The expected level of participation is as follows:

+ Individuals: $1,000
   – One In-Person Event
   – At least 10 people
+ Organization: $2,500
   – $2,500: One In-Person Events
   – At least 20 people
+ Organization: $5,000
   – $5,000: Two In-Person Events
   – At least 40 people

Community Engagement Award Timeline

February 14th: Application Opens

March 4th: Priority Application Deadline

March 11th: Final Application Deadline

March 14th-18th: Application Review Week

March 21st: Final Decision for Award Recipients (In-person)

March 30th: Announcement Day


The final application deadline was March 11, 2022. The application consists of general applicant information, open-ended responses, and other documentation that best represents your qualifications.


Who can I nominate for the Community Engagement Award?       
You can nominate an individual or organization who does community engagement work in Alamance County!

Do I need to be able to speak Spanish?

Do I have to identify as Latinx/e to apply?
Nope! We want to capture a holistic image of the community in Alamance County, which includes people from all backgrounds. 

If you have any questions about the #AlamanceForward Listening Tour, please sign up for a brief one-on-one conversation with me to learn more about the #AlamanceForward Listening Tour or contact me at lorena.mlara@latinxed.org

Lorena Meza Lara

Community Organizer, LatinxEd

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